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Do you know what your audience are doing with your emails?

Your emails go out, the reports build themselves within your ESP, you look at the results, you see the open and click rates, they look okay, what could you do better next time?

By going into a more detailed analysis of your emails, who has opened, what device type they are using, what links they have clicked on, you can build up a better picture of what each person on your list is interested in and how engaged they are.


For instance, take two groups of people, both have been on your list for six months, on average you send two emails a month to your entire list, both have opened 10 emails, both are engaged and quite reasonably so, but what are they doing once they open the email.

One of them only opens the emails the other has been clicking on a variety of links. For the ones that haven’t clicked it is worth reviewing the design and also asking them what they want to see in the emails to make them engage further. The other group are clicking through thereby telling you what they are interested in, you can then target campaigns at much smaller, more targeted groups of people who can then result in better ROI’s.

Email analysis is more than just looking at your emails and how they perform, I will analyse your audiences, segmentation and also lead capture, provide feedback and a plan for thing that you can do to improve and where possible what you can do effectively and efficiently yourself. 

If this is something that you want to do but don’t have the time to dive that bit deeper in to your emails and email marketing campaigns, let us take the pressure off you and help you make the most out of the data you have.

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