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I work with leading email and automation agencies in the UK and Europe and while adding an extra layer between you and the agency might seem like additional cost, it doesn’t. It actually saves you money by adding a layer of strategy on top, improving your ROI, ACHIEVING MORE.

Automation goes beyond email. For outbound workflows, combine it with SMS. Going even further and utilising Interactive automation on websites and Facebook chatbots with and without AI driving them, can help to improve a customer or potential customers experience.


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Email Marketing Cost Saving Package

Applying a multi-tier engagement ranking system can help boost engagement and also identify your strengths and weaknesses.

ACHIEVE MORE - Conversions, Engagement, Opens, Subscriptions, MORE RESULTS

£199.00 ex. VAT

Our email marketing platforms of choice

Mailchimp – For all your marketing channels

Bringing your audience data, marketing channels, insights together, combined with expertly created responsive HTML emails, landing pages and microsites, Mailchimp enables you to reach your goals faster.


Flow based marketing automation for email and SMS

Create communication flows based on your audience’s behaviour using Webpower’s marketing automation software.

Migrate between email platforms, compile multiple audience personas and do deeper analysis. 

Moving from one email service provider to another might seem simple and straight forward, but doing it without loosing data is not 

You have a lake of data and are you making the most of it and creating personas so you know who you are talking to when you send your messaging out? Do a deeper dive in to your data and build the big picture.

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