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From one-off emails to long-running campaigns

Whether you want a single campaign sent, a series of emails or monthly recurring campaigns, we can help you with this.

Building relationships with your customers and nurturing new leads is important, email is one of the most effective channels to do this, with an ROI of up to 4400%.

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What to expect as part of an email campaign or series of campaigns with us:


Campaigns and Management Level

This is key, it sets the goals, the expectations, the subject matter and who will be involved going forward. Without setting this up properly at the beginning things can be missed, expectations vs reality can also be managed through clearly setting the goals and expectations.


Campaigns and Management Level

Planning the content and design at this stage and also who the target audience will be. For more indepth campaigns spanning several weeks or months, this would also involve strategic planning around your audience and how to get the most out of your campaigns in the long term.



The email is then built, tested and goes through the approval process with you signing it off, once you have signed it off it can be made ready to send.

As part of the build, suggested subject lines will be put forward to encourage your target audience to open the emails going to them and a second one also set for re-sends. For longer-term campaigns, A/B and MVT testing will be carried out and logged as part of the review stage to get the best out of your emails going forward and together we learn and grow your audience.



Targeted sending to the appropriate audience as per the original specification in the briefing. If appropriate a re-send can be set up after the initial send has gone, ready for an alternative day.


Campaigns and Management Level

Once the email has gone out to the audience, the results are then recorded and at a set time (I suggest around 48 hours after the send), we can then learn what engages your customers, record this and apply it to the next campaign and the next, each time testing another element to constantly improve, click through and open rates.

Explainer: Campaigns are singular emails, management is a series or on going contract for email marketing services.

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