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Fully managed email marketing campaigns, strategic email planning, email and data analysis

All things email related from setting up and sending email to enabling you to deliver exceptional customer service, raising and managing expectations of communications and opening up the power within your data to find the highly engaged audience sections to maximise on ROI, re-engage the quiet list segments and improve email performance, saving you time and money.


From one-off emails to long-running campaigns

Whether you want a single campaign sent, a series of emails or monthly recurring campaigns, I can help you with this.

Building relationships with your customers and nurturing new leads is important, email is one of the most effective channels to do this, with an ROI of up to 4400%.

When was the last time you sent a campaign? 

What to expect as part of an email campaign or series of campaigns with us:

Campaigns and Management Level

This is key, it sets the goals, the expectations, the subject matter and who will be involved going forward. Without setting this up properly at the beginning things can be missed, expectations vs reality can also be managed through clearly setting the goals and expectations.

Campaigns and Management Level

Planning the content and design at this stage and also who the target audience will be. For more indepth campaigns spanning several weeks or months, this would also involve strategic planning around your audience and how to get the most out of your campaigns in the long term.


The email is then built, tested and goes through the approval process with you signing it off, once you have signed it off it can be made ready to send.

As part of the build, suggested subject lines will be put forward to encourage your target audience to open the emails going to them and a second one also set for re-sends. For longer-term campaigns, A/B and MVT testing will be carried out and logged as part of the review stage to get the best out of your emails going forward and together we learn and grow your audience.



Targeted sending to the appropriate audience as per the original specification in the briefing. If appropriate a re-send can be set up after the initial send has gone, ready for an alternative day.


Campaigns and Management Level

Once the email has gone out to the audience, the results are then recorded and at a set time (I suggest around 48 hours after the send), we can then learn what engages your customers, record this and apply it to the next campaign and the next, each time testing another element to constantly improve, click through and open rates.

Explainer: Campaigns are singular emails, management is a series or ongoing contract for email marketing services.

If you are looking for help with your email marketing, contact us today for chat.


Get the most out of email marketing

You know your target audience, you know your products and services but do you know if your email is actually doing your business and domain reputation good?

Email strategy doesn’t have to cost the earth, engage the right parts of your audience at the right time increasing ROI and reducing costs or re-engage older less active audience members, prune your lists regularly to keep you complying with your own data retention statements, reducing complaints and keeping your lists engaged. 

What does Email Strategy include?

You understand your business, your products and services, but is your email marketing strategic?


Campaign level

Campaign planning goes beyond just we want to put out a monthly newsletter, it needs to take into consideration seasonal activities, product life cycles and seasonal peaks, product innovation, event attendance and key business announcements. It also needs to give the audience that special something, that added value and a reason to not only keep opening the emails and stay on your lists but drive them to the website and share with friends and colleagues.


Campaign level

By understanding your audience you can start testing them. The first part of this is segmentation, based on your audience I can create different segments that you can then use for testing, this ranges from engagement types, past specific interactions and more depending on your business.

Overall Strategy

Audience and Business level 

Making sure your email campaigns complement your overall marketing and business goals can sometimes feel like an endless task… It is.

I can help to take the stress out of that by analysing your current audiences and talking to you about your goals and put together a plan for you to follow. This could be weekly, monthly or yearly, it could even be project-specific.

If this is something that you would like additional help with, get in touch today.


Get the most out of email marketing

Your emails go out, the reports build themselves within your ESP, you look at the results, you see the open and click rates, they look okay, what could you do better next time?

By going into a more detailed analysis of your emails, who has opened, what device type they are using, what links they have clicked on, you can build up a better picture of what each person on your list is interested in and how engaged they are.

What does email analysis mean?

Take two groups of people, both have been on your list for six months, on average you send two emails a month to your entire list, both have opened 10 emails, both are engaged and quite reasonably so, but what are they doing once they open the email.

One of them only opens the emails the other has been clicking on a variety of links. For the ones that haven’t clicked it is worth reviewing the design and also asking them what they want to see in the emails to make them engage further. The other group are clicking through thereby telling you what they are interested in, you can then target campaigns at much smaller, more targeted groups of people who can then result in better ROI’s.

Email analysis is more than just looking at your emails and how they perform, I will analyse your audiences, segmentation and also lead capture, provide feedback and a plan for thing that you can do to improve and where possible what you can do effectively and efficiently yourself. 

If this is something that you want to do but don’t have the time to dive that bit deeper in to your emails and email marketing campaigns, let me take the pressure off you and help you make the most out of the data you have.

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