Media Production

Create great content that engages

Video, Copy, Animation and Voiceovers

From video production to copywriting, they all form a part of your marketing strategy, each piece can stand alone or could be part of a series. But what do you do with it once you’ve produced it. We have access to professional writers with backgrounds in journalism to help create engaging pieces for websites, email and press, knowing what to write and how to write it to engage with the target audience.

Try something different with your text content, turning something that can be quite dry and make it more engaging, ideal for social media. Convert it in to an animated piece with appropriate imagery and the range of the piece has expanded. Talk to us about what we can do to help you get the most out of the media you are having produced.

Add something extra to your videos with professional voice overs and subtitles, with a large amount of video content consumed on mobile devices while at work, audio is not always possible, make your content as accessible as possible, and has added benefits to video optimisation when trying to attract an audience to your YouTube or Vimeo channel.

We also work with and can manage production projects with a carefully hand picked and trusted production house, with access to green screens, on location filming, animation and post production.


Image preparation

Get your images performing at their best

Adding images to your website is dead easy, upload, add to content hit save. But what happens to the user experience when you upload a poor quality image or a massive file size, or don’t add in vital text based content to help Google identify what the image is.

Image preparation is time consuming, we can help with this, taking your imagery, resizing for different platforms and purposes, adding meta-data and also provide alt text in a separate file for you to copy and paste in to your website or email platform.

It should be a key part of your search engine optimisation strategy for your website.

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