4 Day Marketing Management Monthly Package

£1,580.00 ex. VAT

Expand your marketing team with a marketing strategist for a day a week, providing analysis, reporting, extra eyes on your marketing and cost savings. Take the pressure off your team and ACHIEVE MORE.

Allow your current team to focus on the day to day and bring in an extra resource, utilise me however you need, either as just an extra set of hands to fulfil a project, to keep on top of your reporting so you know what you are spending on marketing is going in the right direction, data analysis or go deeper in your strategies for specific parts of your marketing.

ACHIEVE MORE - Website Traffic, Email Opens, Subscriptions, Conversions, MORE RESULTS.

(This is for 4 days a month, other amounts are available. This is for one months service, a rolling agreement can be setup, please complete the transaction and I will contact you to arrange further months. If you have a specific project that you want undertaken, contact philip@mediaandmarketing.co.uk and we can discuss your project needs or book a consultation call)