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Email and automated campaign strategies

Email and Automation

From one-off emails, long-running email marketing campaigns and multi platform automated messaging

Email marketing should be a key part of your strategy, build it further into a full automation chain across other mediums and you have a strong channel that can return up to 38x  what you put in. Talk to me about this and how I can help implement or manage this for you. 

Building relationships with your customers and nurturing new leads is important, Email and SMS are two of the most effective channels to do this with.

Websites & Ecommerce

Make your digital shop window shine

Building a site isn’t a one fix solution, it is the centre of your digital marketing frontage.

Maximise your potential with a well balanced, easy to use website, designed around your users and in line with your marketing and business strategy.

Website and e-commerce campaign strategies
Freelance marketing strategist

Marketing Strategy

Marketing without strategy is just burning time and money

My primary focus is to help you implement both long and short term strategies for your marketing that compliment your business goals while reducing costs.

Think about your audiences, build specific groups that you can market to, cross-sell products and gauge engagement, then create stronger campaigns that your time is better spent on. Often this is left out as there isn’t the time in the day to go to this granular level. I can help you with this. 


Data Preparation

Migrate between email platforms without losing your historic engagement data

Moving from one email service provider to another might seem simple and straight forward, but doing it without loosing data is not 

If you don’t mind losing valuable engagement data then this will be enough for you, but the power in your email marketing is in your data and the ability to target the right people at the right time.

Prepare data for transfer to a new email marketing platform
Image strategy for websites, social media and email

Media Creation and Image Preparation

Create great content that engages and make sure your imagery is fully optimised


From video production to copywriting, they all form a part of your marketing strategy. Beyond this, making sure that images are optimised for their intended purpose.


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